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satellite tv digital television installation repairs somerset

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Correcting problems with your digital signal

Since the South West region switched to purely digital terrestrial signals, anyone expecting to be able to watch 'regular' (freeview) television knows that they need a digital set top box and an aerial capable of receiving digital signals.

Many people complain about the quality of digital terrestrial television, especially during especially wet or especially hot weather. There are several different reasons why this could occur, but generally it comes down to the signal not being strong enough. Blocky pictures, jerky movements and poor sound can all occur when the television (or digital box) doesn't get a strong enough signal. This could be due to a poor quality aerial or too many connections from the same aerial or a problem with your television.

At Otter Vision, we have the expertise to determine exactly where the problem lies. Typically it would be a poor quality or damaged aerial, or too many connections. Both of these can be corrected quite easily and can save you the expense of replacing your TV.


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satellite tv digital television installation repairs somerset
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